Itinerary Ideas: Scotland Road Trip (Pt. 2)

By Lynna - January 25, 2018

This is a continuation of the Scotland roadtrip blog post.  Make sure to read Part 1 if you haven't yet!

Day 5 - Dunvegan Castle, Neist Point, The Fairy Pools, Lochcarron
The next morning, we were spoiled with an amazing breakfast spread by our awesome Airbnb hosts, which made us really reluctant to leave.  They even helped us plan out our next day itinerary with maps and all! 

We decided to add Neist Point to our itinerary for the next day since all we had on the list was another castle and the Fairy Pools (one of the places I was looking forward to the most on the trip).

We made it to Dunvegan Castle, but it was closed for the winter off-season so we did not get to tour the inside, sadly :(

Off to Neist Point we went!  Neist Point is the most westerly point of Isle of Skye and features dramatic sea cliff views and a lighthouse as well.

Unfortunately, when we got there, the wind was SO cold and frigid I really thought I was going to blow over and freeze to death.  It was literally so, so cold.  I was scared to make the steep walk down to the lighthouse because I honestly thought the wind would blow us right off the cliff.  So I decided to just stay in the car and enjoy the view of the cliffs instead.

So gorgeous!

A heavenly view

We finally got to see one of the infamous Highland Cows while we were driving around Skye!
After freezing our butts off at Neist Point, we headed off to see the Fairy Pools, which I was so stoked to finally be seeing!  The hike from the carpark to the pools themselves is about a 30-40 minute hike.  The pools go on for quite awhile too so the hike itself is probably around 1.5 hours total.  Absolutely worth going to all the way to the end of the pools.

They're just such an incredible sight and natural phenomenon.  Prepare for a photo spam!

Crazy, right?!

Serious Middle Earth vibes!!

After we hiked back from the pools, we were famished so we stopped by another tiny fishing town, Carbost, to have fresh, straight-from-the-ocean seafood at a place called The Oyster Shed.  Yummmm!

Seafood lovers rejoice!
I still cannot get over the views of Skye:

There's even rainbows!  I mean the rainbow is really just overkill at this point.

A little red fishing boat out on the lake... and islands! :)

Last stop was the town we were going to stay in for the night - Lochcarron, overlooking a lake, of course.  Cute little lakeside town.  We got a deliciously hearty dinner at the local pub and turned in for the night at our super comfy and cozy bed & breakfast called Castle Cottage.  I also highly recommend staying here!  We slept remarkably soundly.

Super cute and cozy room.

I had haggis again, sue me.
Day 6 - Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, Inverness

The next morning, we left Isle of Skye (ugly crying commence) and headed on a long drive to Inverness; our trip would end at the infamous Loch Ness.  But first, our gracious B&B host whipped up the perfect breakfast to send us off on our day.

Loch Ness is incredibly immense.  It is a HUGE lake.  It's also a very long lake so it almost looks like the ocean at first glance.  It's beautiful, of course, and absolutely eerie!  I could undoubtedly feel a strong and otherworldly energy presence from the lake.  Really magical and mystical place.  We tried to look for Nessie but unfortunately didn't spot her.  I still pore over my photos, though, hoping to have caught something on my camera by accident ;)

Magical double rainbow!

We also stopped to tour our final castle, overlooking Loch Ness itself.  The "castle" is actually not a castle, but ruins of a castle that once watched over the lake.  It's pretty epic and very dramatic.  The last tenants who lived in the castle decided to blow it up to finally end the hundreds of years of fighting and battling of different clans trying to claim the castle #sickofthis #overit

So very dramatic...

Is it creepy, cool, or downright terrifying that this point of the loch (pictured above -- I was standing on the castle grounds) is twice as deep as the North Sea?!?!  It's almost 900 feet deep.  Eeeek!  Gives me the heebie jeebies!!
After a day spent exploring the loch and the castle ruins, we really needed some food so we headed over to Loch Ness town for some food.  The town was so charming and cute but lots of shops and restaurants were closed due to it being off-season (yes, it was my genius idea to go to Scotland in November....)

That night, we stayed in the city of Inverness, which admittedly, wasn't my favorite city ever, but I think I was just addicted to being in the wilderness and didn't want to go back to civilization just yet.  Take me back to absolutely-middle-of-nowhere, please!

Inverness has a lot of really lively, crowded pubs and bars, though, so we went pub-crawling that night and had a fun time.  We finally got to listen to some live traditional music that night.

Day 7

The next day, we had to catch our morning flight back to London, which concluded our road trip through Scotland :(   I was devastated to be leaving.  There was lots of ugly crying.

Goodbye Scotland!  It was a tragedy departing this view.

I cannot wait to go back to Scotland again someday, there's still so much I want to explore!  And I kind of left my heart in Isle of Skye, so there's that.

I hope I've convinced you to do this amazing roadtrip that's full of beauty and magic, if you've never been to Scotland and are itching for a good roadtrip!  If you have been, what are some of your absolute must-sees?


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  1. Scotland looks so beautiful, and the food looks amazing! You've inspired me to put Scotland on my travel list.