Finding More In Less

By Lynna - August 06, 2019

In the past few weeks, I have been playing more and more with the thought of living a more fulfilling life, while being bogged down by less (less consumerism, less waste, less worries, less stress, less "busy-work"). I am deciding to take on a challenge... I want to try living my life with less of things that don't bring my life happiness, fulfillment, or love.

Less Consumerism & Possessions: I realized that I've started this process a few years ago after I read Marie Kondo's book - The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up (which now has become an international bestseller as you all know). After finishing this book, I immediately went through my belongings and spent the next week de-cluttering and purging almost 80% of my possessions! It really gave me a lifestyle and mindset shift on physical items. It was because of this that I was able to move my life across the country (from California to Kentucky) with ALL of my belongings fitting in my little Camry! I'm so glad I did the purge almost a year before so that I was able to make this big shift with a lot more ease. I was a shopaholic for years (especially during my college and few years after college) and I would literally have a budget of $200 - $300 every WEEK just for clothes. How insane was that?! I didn't even bat an eyelash at this incredibly destructive habit, though, and I kept on with it for years until my closet was literally falling apart and bursting open with so much stuff! Thank God for Marie Kondo; I really don't know where I'd be if I hadn't read that book. It really was life-changing magic!

Less Spending Money: While I have understood the importance of not spending so much money buying physical items and have really stopped / slowed down in partaking in consumerism as much, I still suffer from spending money on other things that aren't necessary and really add up quickly over time - dining out and getting coffee are some of my favorite things to do with friends and loved ones. I think I will have to devise other ways to spend time with the people in my life without spending so much on food and coffee. This is a habit I definitely want to break.

Less Stress, Worry, "Busy-ness", To-do Lists, and Anxiety:
 I also want to free myself and my lifestyle of "keeping busy". I want to cut down as much as possible on my to-do lists and "busy work". While I am someone who naturally enjoys productivity and "hustling" and getting stuff done (I'm an entrepreneur, go figure), I noticed that in the past few months I've let this mindset become a driving factor in my daily life and it's caused me an insane amount of stress and anxiety.... to the point where I have experience my first true panic attack in my life just a few weeks ago. This was definitely a wake up call to ease up on my list of things to do, and my ever growing list of commitments. The funny thing is... if I removed 50% of the things on my to-do lists, no one would even notice or care. I feel like I am definitely inflicting this upon myself and it's time to free myself of these shackles. I want to live without shackles and guilt. I want to fly freely. I want to do things that feed my soul and uplift my spirits and nurture my heart, instead of doing things just to check them off of a to-do list just so I can feel a sense of misplaced productivity.

Here are my goals for the next year going forward... to find more of my self in doing, spending, and owning less:

  • stop spending money on items that are not essential (except for groceries and necessities) - budget better and stick to it! 
  • spend more time in nature, creating, having fun, practicing yoga and meditation, running and exercising, writing, reading, and doing things I love rather than stressing myself out trying to cross things off my to-do list or getting everything done 
  • eliminate things from my to-do list entirely that don't matter delegate tasks to others so that I have less on my plate and so that I don't have to feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders 
  • do things more slowly and ease into my days rather than rushing and stressing - just slow it down and take my time with things 
  • put more money away each month into my savings account and travel savings account pay off my business startup debt with all the money that I'll be saving from spending less on unnecessary expenses
  • travel more, love more, smile more, laugh more, have more time in my daily life, spend more time with loved ones and the people who matter, more self-care 
  • stress less, worry less, be less "busy" spend less time on my phone or with distractions; spend less time on things that don't matter like social media and mindless TV 
  • step more into my higher self and my soul's calling 
Just writing this down makes me feel so much more centered and uplifted. I hope that I can continue to strive towards these goals on a daily basis. I shall update on my progress within a few months! If you would like, join me on this challenge and write a comment below to let me know! Let's find more meaning in our lives with less. 

Much love,

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