It's not that I want to travel, it's that I need to travel.

Hi! Welcome to my travel blog! It's so lovely to have you here.
I am ecstatic and honored to have you be a part of my journey.
Here's a little bit about me...

My purpose is to raise the vibration of Earth’s consciousness, enhance the quality of people’s lives, and encourage unapologetic self-expression in others by creating a more beautiful planet through my modalities of art, design, adventure, and creativity.


This is the story of how my affair with travel began...

I remember being ten years old, hanging out at my best friend's house. We were playing around with a big globe she had in her room. I started pointing out all the places that I wanted to visit one day. She pointed out the places she wanted to visit too. The list kept getting longer and longer as we slowly spun the globe around.

I didn't have a clue about any one of these countries or why I wanted to go to them, I just knew I wanted to go places, see things, explore the fascinating world around me. The wandering spirit has always been inside me, even from a young age. Now, as an adult, with the means and willpower to travel, I am fulfilling my inner child's dream of wandering the Earth and it is so satisfying.

I invite you to join me on this incredible journey --  let's unleash our wandering spirits to roam where they may, reconnect with the universe, and get a little find ourselves.

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